Ingredients & Use

HIGH NOON is enriched with ingredients that moisturise and look after the skin. We have taken the time to source and blend the best certified organic ingredients and natural mineral sun filters available. The skin is the largest organ of the body and a known carrier, rather than a barrier for many ingredients, chemicals and toxins. This is why we believe in organic ingredients. Our zinc provides coverage whilst helping to repair and hydrate along with natural sun filters to aid in protecting from the sun. We encourage you to research for yourself and make no therapeutic claims. There are some great resources available where you can learn about the affect of chemicals and toxins on our skin/bodies.

As this is a natural cosmetic, it may harden when cool. If needed warm up with fingers (or in a warm place like your pocket/dashboard/etc.) before applying. Apply liberally over areas needing coverage – the thicker you apply, the more coverage you will get! Reapply as needed. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Store in a cool, dry place. Enjoy!



Zinc Oxide 35% (non-nano) 

Zinc Oxide is a naturally occurring mineral sun filter known to protect against damaging UVA and UVB rays. It is one of the safest and most effective ingredients to prevent skin damage. It has long been used to protect, heal and soothe the skin. It is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, can act as an antioxidant, has natural anti-ageing properties, and promotes wound healing. Zinc Oxide unfortunately cannot be certified organic because it is a mineral.


Certified Organic Beeswax

We searched high and low for the best beeswax (I think we called most of the beekeepers in Australia!). We love bees and our Australian beeswax is certified organic from a beekeeper with a passion for bees producing honey that is world renowned for its quality and purity. Beeswax is a natural waterproofing agent. It forms a protective barrier that helps to protect from the damaging effects of the elements, whilst holding in moisture and reducing dryness (may aid in protecting the tender skin on your lips!). Unlike ingredients made from petroleum, beeswax allows the skin to breathe so doesn’t suffocate the skin and shouldn’t clog pores. Amongst its many benefits, certified organic beeswax is a good source of Vitamin A, helps support cell turnover and reconstruction and has wound healing, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Fat soluble pesticides may accumulate in beeswax – so keep that in mind when reaching for non-organic products!


Certified Organic Coconut Oil 

We tried and tested many coconut oils but the one that made the cut was a cold press extracted from fresh organically grown wild Fiji coconuts. It has the least amount of processing retaining a more unrefined state so that the natural vitamins, antioxidants and fresh coconut “essence” are retained. Coconut oil is high in MCT's (medium-chain triglycerides) and also rich in lauric acid providing it with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which nourish and repair damage in the skin. Studies show it to be an effective skin moisturiser. Best of all, they are an awesome company and support a special community in Fiji. 


Certified Organic Castor Oil

Castor Oil has been used for centuries in Ancient Egypt to protect the skin from the dehydrating effects of the desert climate. It’s a viscose oil that can penetrate deep within the skin attracting moisture to the skin and retaining it there. It is widely recognised for its high concentration of fatty acids, particularly ricinoleic acid which may account for castor oil’s anti-microbial, anti-bacterial/fungal, anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing actions, as well as for its beneficial effects on skin and hair. Our certified organic castor oil is cold pressed ensuring that maximum nutrients are kept in the oil. It is very nourishing and soothing, making it a perfect part of our blend!


Certified Organic Cacao Butter 

We tried many cacao butters and the one we loved was an organic virgin cacao butter made from fairly traded cacao sourced from the edge of the Amazon basin in Peru. The process used to make this cacao butter is raw and unrefined, leaving the valuable nutrient and anti-oxidant structures intact, preserving the full vitality of this beautiful butter. Cacao butter is one of the best natural moisturisers and feels luxurious on the skin. It smells so good too! It is high in anti-oxidants and fatty acids which may help to fight off free radicals and hydrate the skin deeply. It may also be anti-inflammatory. Cocoa butter is an emollient, adding a protective layer of hydration to your skin and lips and therefore may be useful for blocking the effects of the elements which can leave your lips and skin dry.


Certified Organic Shea Butter 

We sourced our certified organic unrefined Shea Butter from a friendly and ethical company with direct ties to the Ghana community, who endorse fair trade, sustainability and caring for the environment. Within Ghana and in most parts of West Africa, destruction of the shea tree is prohibited because of its immense benefits as a valuable source of food, medicine and income for the local population. Shea Butter is a great facial moisturiser known to soften the skin. It gives our product a beautiful creamy consistency. It is thought to be a powerful antioxidant that forms a protective barrier helping to prevent the skin from dehydrating and also protecting it from the environment (heat, cold, wind, etc.). It has been shown to protect the skin against sun damage from UVA and UVB. Some traditional uses of shea butter include treatment of very dry skin, eczema, blemishes, skin discolorations, scars, stretch marks and wrinkles due to it containing anti-inflammatory, emollient and humectant properties (along with high fatty acid content!).


Iron Oxide (non-nano) 

We use iron oxide to give our zinc it’s natural skin colour. Iron oxide is non-toxic and non-irritating and has been used in the colouring of cosmetics since the early 1900s to give not only cosmetics, but any skin product, its color. Cosmetic-grade iron oxides are made from mined iron salts that are then oxidized and purified. Like zinc oxide, they unfortunately cannot be certified organic.